What is fair-trade?

It is an idea whereby the products being sold are purchased from the people making the items, a fair price is paid to compensate them for their goods and when the goods are sold in a store that the shop supports these people by selling their goods for them. We extend this to the consumer hoping that they feel they are getting a ‘fair’ deal as well. If not we encourage conversation to determine where the price needs to be.

Will we survive the Triangle ?

well, if you are in our shop you are already in it. So the journey continues !

Can i get a discount ?

why not but lets se what goods we are talking about…

Is all your store “Fair Trade?”

well, we try. We do not buy from the fair-trade organisation because they are inserting themselves as another middle man and the ‘fashion’ has become to be a fair-trade supplier and there are goo and bad examples of how this works out. At Fairtade Bermuda

we try to source our goods ourselves as close to the manufacturer as possible and this means travelling to the third world to get the goods we are after. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe 5% of our goods come from somewhere….china or korea(?) and our theory is that these people need jobs as well. Those goods may not be at the grass routes as we would like however we do try to make it happen.